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Elevation are a company with knowledge and experience to facilitate the acquisition, development and operational management of property within the Grater London Area. Given the sourcing choices available at the time of commissioning we select the most profitable options to ensure an excellent return on your investment.

Property Development & Investment Funding

Elevation are flexible in the type of fund we can manage. We aim to manage a profitable and low risk development program, there will be options during the program to increase return on investment.

We would typically seek a total development project fund in excess of £850,000. Yields of 9% are not uncommon.

Property Types

Dependent on client preference, or resulting in market analysis we can offer investments opportunities in any of the following sectors. We aim to accommodate any scale of investor.


Acquisition, Refurbishment and Retro-fit Renewable Energy Systems - With subsidies available for the generation of heat and electricity, property investment need not be limited by the building fabric. New build schemes


Commercial schemes are a very attractive option, although their potential under the GPDO should not be overestimated. Commercial to residential conversions offer a route to greater returns, but careful consideration should be given to costs. Permitted development rights can often be used as leverage against a full planning application, and this route has proved successful on a number of occasions.


The industrial properties are often over looked as investment options. Apart from returns gained from letting to original form, there are also returns to be made from redevelopment, location an property is extremely important, looking to future industrial sites may well become prime residential locations, offering extremely high returns in the long term.

Waste Sector

Again the waste sector associated property is often overlooked as an investment option. Compliance issues relating to many waste operations, are a key point to be investigated. A property which checks out against certain geo-locational parameters will be attractive owing to lesser complicated compliance arrangements for current of future waste operations.

The Property Development & Investment Process

Post establishing the level of funds to be committed, Elevation will develop a portfolio of investment opportunities, with a financial analytical break down of each opportunity.  We will then investigate development opportunities whether existing of conceptual. There is likely to be some obfuscation between returns on short term investments, and larger returns released by conceptual redevelopment. These risks wills be clearly explained to the fund originator.

Post acquisition of a carefully selected investment property, Elevation will manage the ongoing placement of tenants within the property, if indeed this suites the aims of the identified opportunities.

Permissions for development will be sourced. A consummate team of design professional will submit a full a rigorous application to the relevant authorities for subsequent approval.

Construction management will be undertaken by a team of highly qualified individuals, to ensure the construction phase is completed on time and close to budget.

The building will then be populated with tenants or sold (partially or wholly) to release equity for the next fund.

Elevation's 4 Steps to Successful Property Development & Investment

Our investment process follows five steps, to ensure success.

1 -Research

Property investment requires local knowledge, the very nature of procuring an undervalued site with a view to it becoming desirable in the near future requires an innate understanding of the area, and areas neighboring.

Research can of course be quantitative, but the important factors that might influence choice of an acquisition can not be based on numbers alone. The "feel" of an area is equally important. When considering sites for residential developments, the view or the air of tranquility can effect desirability as much as distances to transport hubs and amenities.

2 - Detail

Research needs to be detailed. An area might show potential, but it is the nature of the site, down to the last few meters that make the difference. In single units scheme the level of an apartment or duplex, will have an effect on it value. Whilst many are aware of the differing value between say a top floor and basement apartment in the same building, there are is an optimum investor value somewhere in between, these can differ from building to building, dependent on proximity to building mechanical systems such as lifts and mechanical systems.

The proffered location for a potential investment site, can also be tailored to suite personal preferences of the investor. Is there interest for a family home . . a dynamic city residence or a retail unit . . . all these details must be considered.  

3 - Confidence

An inherent knowledge of the the planning system, and the environmental constricts imposed on potential development, gives elevation confidence in its ability to develop maximum square footage from any potential redevelopment. Elevation are not part of the pack, we think outside of the box, in order to maximize yields taking advantage of new and alternate opportunities. 

4 - Tried and Tested Basics

Location, value per square foot and rental yield are all tried an tested metrics for the assessment of potential development sites. Elevation use these criteria to steer decision making. The key factor here is to strike a balance between prime sites, and good value sites which will offer better returns.

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Elevation . . . . Property Development & Investment London

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Elevation is a trading name of Southwest Environmental Limited